House & Garden Drip Clean


It keeps your medium and hoses free of salt build up. Great for use with systems using tap water.

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Drip Clean, is an extremely useful product for those working with drip systems.
Drip Clean is a magnet and removes dirt particles that accumulate with every watering.
The lines are so clean. Drip Clean also strengthens the plants and makes them more green and more vital .

Drip Clean of House & Garden is an absolutely safe product for your plants provided to use in right proportions.
Drip Clean is composed of a solution of potassium and phosphorous, two powerful and useful elements which have been removed a small particle.
The incomplete element then acts as a magnet.
As a molecule always tends to a complete structure, Drip Clean attracts dirt particles with every watering and proactively cleans drip systems .
Drip Clean constantly is, so this is an effective way to prevent clogging of drip systems .

First add a basic fertilizer in the tray (eg. A & B soil, hydro, coco). Adjust the pH and EC of the tray. Add potential pacemakers and last Drip Clean. Your container is ready for the first watering.

Drip Clean Add in the tray, with every watering at the beginning and throughout the culture to prevent clogging of the drip system. A very small amount of Drip Clean enough to keep your system clean.

Use Drip Clean from the beginning of culture to prevent obstruction of the drip system.
Drip Clean also contains appropriate nutrients and therefore offers the added benefit of strengthening your plants.
You will notice green leaves and solid constitution of the plant.

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