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Gro4 Earthworm Castings are an excellent all-purpose alternative to chemical-based fertilizers, conventional manures, compost and even other organic fertilizers. This product is a premium organic soil amendment with zero fillers. Because of its high-performance reputation, it has become known as “black gold” amongst farmers. The 100% pure earthworm castings act as a soil conditioner that is certified for organic agriculture by Pro-Certified Organic Systems and the OMRI.
In the delicate balance of soil microbiology, chemical fertilizers prevent adequate absorption of nutrients and destroy the beneficial microbes and bacteria that root systems crave. The synthetic nutrient compounds found in these alternatives also become easily diluted during watering and ultimately end up in our food. Chemical fertilizers often accompany the use of pesticides which together are a leading cause of environmental water pollution.
What do Worm Castings do for Plants?
Ingredients are composed of thousands of pure cylindrically shaped earthworm pellets. During their growth cycle, worms consume organic matter that is then transformed and homogenized within their digestive tract. The end product consists of minerals and trace elements that have been reduced to their most usable form. Each bag is screened to remove large lumps for ideal soil texture. The natural cylindrical pellet shape resists packing and causes soil to be kept loose and oxygenated. Increased oxygen in the root zone along with improved water drainage creates free-living Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in your soil. In this sense, the soil environment becomes a living mixture teeming with microbial life in a balanced feed cycle that nature intended.
How Much Worm Castings to Use?
Casting manure contains an abundance of high absorption non-burning nutrients. They can be applied as a top dressing, side dressing or be mixed into the soil to bring it to life. Often only a small amount is needed and applied directly to plant holes and seed furrows. Castings cannot be overused or misused, so even delicate seeds are safe. Supplementing your soil with this fertilizing boost will create optimal plant growth. Any plant from flowers to fruits to vegetables will develop with robust roots, prominent blooms and a striking difference in yield, size, health, color and even taste. Gro4 Worm Castings can be used indoors or outdoors for seed germination, seedling propagation or on existing plants.


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